Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh Hi!

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead. Not quite anyhow. I've returned! Apparently, just in time for two new jobs to come out soon! Yay! More leveling! (Hear the excitement in my voice yet? Yeah, me either) I don't have much to update with, but a while back I did gain a few items to add to my collection. Seems that now I need to finish working on a few things for the LS (*cough* Corsair *cough*) and get back to work!

First off! My 90 Twashtar! Oh yeah baby! I is dangerous thf nao, right?

Add to that my Loki's Kaftan. It's got someone else's blood on it. It was like that when we found it. Ask Meanie, I'm sure he'd be delighted to regale how we yoinked it off some poor bastards after they died. 

Loooooove is in the air! Ok, not really, just around my neck. +7 POLEARM and DAGGER SKILL BISHES! This silly little moogle gave it to me after I handed him a marble last year. Dumb Moogles I tell ya. Will trade anything for marbles these days!

+2 TH. Yep. Official TH whorecake. 

So yeah! That's it for now. I did mention I didn't have much to update with right? Right. Good. So there you have it. Sene, Thief of Hearts reporting for duty! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To the Stars!

So who would have guessed that I would have finished my 85 Twashtar so quick? Not me! Now I'm working towards my level 90. The next levels of the trials are going to be the hard ones. I've also started on my second, the gun. Yes yes I know what your saying. Wait? When did Seney become a Corsair!? All the world is upside down! It was that whole Rapture that happened last year. Turns out, it was the fake Rapture. Who woulda guessed?

*Ding! Achievement!*

Ok yeah not too much to update on. It's been a while since I've been able to play. I've been dealing with real life (Run away while you can!) and a broken arm. Which, makes it difficult to type or hit FFXI Macros with. I have been playing other games, like Dark Fall: Lost Souls, where you play this inspector in England, upset over an investigation he led to find a girl called Amy who went missing five years previous. It's the anniversary of her disappearance and he's failed to find her or to punish her "kidnapper". Starting the game with a bottle of Klonopin and Vodka, you wake up at an old train station with an attached restaurant and hotel and you progress through the game "freeing" spirits that became lost here in order to solve your personal mystery relating to Amy. There are some pretty disturbing scenes in the game. The play is similar to that of the 7th Guest and other Puzzle games. I had mine set to hard and I finished it in two days. Mainly cause I wasn't sleeping and I tend to get weird with puzzle games, needing to solve them to continue the storyline!

But now it's back to FFXI! Did I mention that I hate Level increases? Back to being a freaking newblet at 95. Need to do my limit break to go to 99. Yeah. We're there already. Oi.